Student Nomination Story

I have ADHD, so sometimes its really hard for me to learn (especially during covid and over zoom.) Ms. Schiebel always explains things to me so well and makes sure everyone in the class understands the course material. She teaches baking, which is a huge passion of mine. I have always wanted to become a baker when I am older and own my own bakery. Ms. Schiebel always encourages me to keep trying. She also gives me extra time for my assignments because it takes me longer to do them sometimes. When I ask her to repeat something more than once, she's always happy to do so. She spends her money on buying us baking ingredient kits because some of us can't buy all the ingredients that we need. She just does so much for every student in her class, and she always explains everything slowly so that everyone understands. I feel really lucky to have a teacher like her to help me grow my passion and my knowledge. I really feel like she deserves an award because no teacher has to do the things she does for us. She is so incredibly nice and I feel as though she doesn't get the recognition that she deserves. I really hope she can get an award of some type to show just how amazing she really is.

Kylee Schroeder

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