Student Nomination Story

What is more boring than sitting in a chair and reading through a dreary history textbook, trying to cram every name and date in your head? Nothing; the answer is nothing. As a girl who aspires to be an engineer, maths and sciences have always been an interest to me. History, however, has never been my strong point. Studying dead people has never exhilarated a spark of vivid excitement in me, and I never understood the importance of history, that is, until my World History class, taught by Ms. Alicandri. Although Ms. Alicandri assigns a fair share of textbook reading and note taking, we do so much more. We always have a new project to work on that encourages creativity, and I always find myself learning more from the projects than anything else. Unlike my other classes, class time is never a bore. The students are always working together on assignments and discussing events we learned in history. Ms. Alicandri helps us every step of the way, prompting us to think more like historians. In conclusion, I think Ms. Alicandri should be nominated, because she changed the way I look at history.

Anna Coppola

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