Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate my teacher Mrs. Walters. I think that Mrs. Walters is the best teacher because she is always so fun. This year school is on the computer, so some teachers I have for other classes are not as fun and engaging with this new learning style. For example, every Friday we can do whatever we want to do at the end of class. It's called "fun friday." Also, we get to do art! Another reason why I think Mrs. Walters is the best is because she always believes in me. One time, I said I wasn't smart enough to do something and she stopped me and told me never to say that again. She then proceeded to tell me that I'm really smart. Lastly, Mrs. Walters is amazing because she gives us chances to earn prizes. One time I asked her if I could give one of my prizes to another student who didn't get any prizes. She said she would allow me to give my prize to my classmate, but she wouldn't take my teacher bucks as she thought my gesture was one of kindness. This is why I truly love Mrs. Walters! Camille Honma, age 8, 2nd Grade

Camille Emi Honma

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