Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Cleary is a wonderful teacher. Honestly, I wish I could have her every year. She is so nice and she lightens up the mood with jokes that gives the room a lively mood. Even when we get too chatty, she settles the mood peacefully. Mrs. Cleary makes math easy to understand, so the subjects she teaches are fun. Out of every teacher I've had (or have right now), Mrs. Cleary is my favorite teacher. Being in sixth grade, I'm going to leave to go to middle school next year. It'll be sad leaving her, and I'm sure my class agrees.

Anabel Connelly

Mrs. Cleary is a significant teacher. She make math fun with her joyfulness. She does test correction so everyone can get a second chance to get a good grade. She is stylish. She is the best.

Alexjandro Puca

Mrs. Cleary is an inspirational, caring, loving, fair teacher. She made an impact on my life. Some people say "my teacher can do anything" but Mrs. Cleary can really do anything. She is unstoppable, she is powerful. I love her so, so much please nominate my teacher Mrs. Cleary. Love, Natalie Parker

Natalie Parker

My teacher changed my life because she pushed me to learn more and to participate more. Now I am better at math and I participate more. She inspired me to be myself. Mrs. Cleary is kind, caring, sweet, loving, has a warm heart, funny and is stylish. She made a huge impact on in my life.

Reese Tonzi

She helps all of us tell the truth and she makes us happy and she makes me not want to have another teacher.

Jaime Millette

My teacher Mrs. Cleary is the best teacher EVER, she always helps me if I need help and if I am having any trouble at all with anything at all she will help. She is super nice to me and anyone and is always in a nice mood. She is very fair with rules and gives her students a lot of freedom. She is super smart in math and makes sure everyone understands the math lesson. She always is making everyone happy, she makes jokes, she tells stories, and she gives big prizes if we are good.

Christian Flumara

Mrs. Cleary is just the sweetest, she always helps us when we need it, she NEVER gets mad, and she always forgives us. When she teaches it's always so super fun, if we don't get the lesson she always helps us. Mrs. Cleary is so wonderful, she is the best teacher. She always understands when you have a problem. That is why I nominated Mrs. Cleary.

Abigail Cox

She has made me stronger with math and she has helped me get through the year. She cares about us and cares about our education. She also cares about everything we do because she is awesome.

Alex Marmor

Mrs. Cleary is a really good teacher. She's super funny and she teaches us in different ways with our Chromebooks and more. She does interactive learning and she likes to model things she's teaching. She's an awesome teacher.

Hailey Deodat

Mrs. Cleary is an awesome teacher. She is really funny and teaches us and we learn new stuff from her and more. Me and my friends have good laughs and have fun, she is really nice and kind.

Nicholas Pilato

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