Student Nomination Story

This nomination is coming from both my son and myself. Mekhi had some troubles during his school year, Mrs. Carluccio was the second teacher he was given during his second grade year. She knew what task she was taking on, and did it not only with a smile, but a badge of honor. She took ownership and accepted the responsibility of being his teacher. She stuck with it, she didn’t complain. Each time I spoke with her, she didn’t speak of him in a manner of frustration and even when she advised that she runs extra miles after work just to rejuvenate herself because Mekhi can be very difficult to handle, I was taken aback. I have never, even in my school years, met a teacher as passionate as she showed me throughout his school year. She didn’t care about what others thought of him. She genuinely loved my son. As a single parent you do the best you can when it comes to raising boys. I work more than your average parent because plainly speaking, I have to. Instead of discipline, she chose to educate. Instead of hatred, she chose love. I still keep in contact with her via class dojo and she diligently checks on Mekhi to see how he is doing. She’s a young teacher but an awesome one. If I didn’t know her, I would have thought she had been doing this forever. I am more than happy and proud to nominate Nicole Carluccio for being an awesome, caring, amazing educator. If I could reply her with my own life, I would. She saved my son, in return saving me, without a superwoman cape. I pray for her every night, that the blessings she is to receive in her life come in abundance!

Mekhi Holmes

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