Student Nomination Story

I walked into my eighth period at Arrowhead not knowing what to expect. I was making sure I was in the right class as it had been the first day of my senior year. I never had Mr. Brengosz as a teacher. I knew he was the varsity baseball coach and had success two years prior when he took Arrowhead to the State Championship game. I was there to support the team and Carter Endisch who was gonna pitch in this game. It was a great game, close throughout, but unfortunately they came up short losing 3-1. We had a seating chart and I found my face and I was in the front row. I was able to get to know him. He knew that I played soccer and was friends with Coach Staus so he checked on how the games went and how we were doing. I also could relate with him through sports, like the Bucks and Brewers. Most importantly I felt like he helped me succeed in math. I did well in Advanced Algebra with Mrs. Dodge as I got an A both semester the year before so I hoped I could do the same in Functions. He helped me with any homework questions during work time and I also came in during study hall periods to get help before the test’s. He was always willing to help even if he was busy doing something else. I would feel much more confident going into the test feeling like I would do well. Then, he would be like "Atta boy or great work" which made me feel like I was doing a great job. Whenever I see him in the hallway he always says “Hi” and he does this to all of his students. He is very friendly and welcoming. He is a younger teacher as well so you can relate to him more and he also went to Arrowhead so he knows how everything works there. You can joke around with him too because that is the way his personality is which I enjoy.

Caleb Kroll

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