Student Nomination Story

I am ending my first year in middle school going into 7th grade. I had a very bad start with being bullied by three kids and I have missed school. I didn't want to go back. Middle school is hard and I wanted to quit. However, I have this wonderful music teacher with a wonderful personality and cares about us as much as his own kids. Mr. Vigiletti makes school fun and takes the time with you and makes you feel alive with the music. He inspires you. With that one class, I feel like me again. I gave up a lot but last night was our jazz cafe concert and I did my song and Mr. Vigiletti said some amazing things about me and my fellow bandmates. After I did that solo, I felt so alive and like me again. I went home and cried. I have never seen a teacher with so much love for his kids. The way Mr. Vigiletti inspires us all to be who we can be. He makes us one and I have made wonderful friends being in his class. I feel like I can do anything with an amazing teacher like him. We are lucky to have him. So, I would love to nominate Mr. Vigiletti for helping me with finding more to school then the bad. He makes the day more meaningful and there is more to life. Thank you so much Mr. Vigiletti.

Gabriella D'Onofrio

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