Student Nomination Story

This man puts so much effort into teaching and making sure the students understand. He spends a lot of his time preparing for school and class. He is enthusiastic about teaching and encourages the students to engage and learn. He takes time to make sure that everyone understands and just wants us to succeed in life. Mr. P has changed my life by teaching me science and life skills. He is one of the three incredible science teachers in Stanley High School. He keeps the mood up by playing great music 24/7. He is besties with almost every student. I remember when he taught us about radiation and how it affects the environment and ourselves- The most interesting thing I've ever learned. He always knows how to cheer someone up and make people smile. We are learning about Covalent and Ionic / Acid formulas right now. And I'm learning well. He also does escape rooms to change up the environment so we stay engaged. He takes us on trips and makes sure we eat lunch and all that jazz. He does Mock trials for his forensics class and it is so lit. Never been more into government than when I got to participate in the mock trial. This man doesn't get enough recognition. So I nominate him.

Zosia Braddock

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