Student Nomination Story

My daughter is a 7th Grader who has been and is currently enrolled at Earon Rapids Middle School (E.R.M.S.) My daughter is a very mature 12 year old young woman and has always been responsible and hard working, but unfortunately she has not always been treated the nicest by other children and sometimes because of her need to please personality, has been overlooked and dismissed by not just her peers but teachers as well. We transferred her from Bath Elementary to Eaton Rapids at the beginning of her 6th grade school year and both her mother & I were very worried about how the change would affect our daughter. Fortunately all of our worries were put to rest very quickly. The teachers have been unbelievably selfless and compassionate, they have all gone above and beyond to ensure our daughter was not left behind or overlooked. When she finished up her 6th grade year at the beginning of the current "Covid" Crisis she was on the "All A's Honor Roll." With all of that being said one teacher has really stuck out and made a HUGE impact on both my wife & I, and our daughter. Her name is Ms. Natasha Jewell and she is one of, if not the absolute best teachers I have ever known. She is one of those teachers that truly cares about her students and goes so far above and beyond what her position requires her to do. She has sent my daughter mail during this summer offering words of encouragement and making sure she was doing well. On a side note my daughter has been having a rough summer not only dealing with all the Covid consequences but also just before this summer her Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, and then they decided to move from their home, about a mile away from us, to Kentucky. For the last few years she has spent every Saturday night at there house and gone to church Sunday morning with them, it had become her special time with them so when this happened needless to say it broke her little heart and really affected her emotionally. It was a difficult time as a parent to see your child be so upset and not have a remedy to fix it. Ms. Jewell being the compassionate, caring, concerned teacher she is, heard about our daughters horrible summer and called her up to check on her. She literally was on the phone with my daughter for over and hour chatting about school, summer fun, and life. It really brought my daughter's spirits back up and had a BIG impact on not just her but us as parents knowing a teacher truly cares for your child is amazing. All I can say again is my point of view but I as a parent of 6 children, with my 7th grade daughter being the youngest, have never been more impressed or more fond of a school and its educators than I am with Eaton Rapids Middle School and Ms. Jewell NEEDS to know what a tremendous impact she has on her students and How Important she is to both her students but to us parents as well. She is amazing and is a teacher that any student or parent is lucky to have. My daughter will never forget Ms. Jewell no matter who her teachers are in the future and myself am really thankful for her dedication and the positive impact she has made on my daughter. Please be sure she at least knows that she is appreciated even if she doesn't receive the award she deserves to know how much she is appreciated and needed.

Layne Long

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