Student Nomination Story

So, I am nominated Mrs. Stearns because she has helped me through this year. Mrs. Stearns has pushed me for greatness, for my full potential. This year I didn't think I was going to be graduating. I was sure enough that I was going to repeat my 12th grade year all over again. I was finally coming to terms with it and I was fully okay with giving up. One day in study hall, I jokingly made the comment that I wasn't going to move on from High School and that I was okay with not graduating. Mrs. Stearns didn't allow me to give up she told me that I needed to push myself because I am far more than what I putting myself out to be. She has given me the motivation to achieve greatness. She made me realize that I am far more than just a small town kid. She helped me realize I am greatness. Thanks to her care and her guidance I finally know that I am graduating this year and I am going to be going to college and pursue greatness. So, when I get my diploma, I have Mrs. Stearns to thank.

Gary Ellis

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