Student Nomination Story

I would like to nominate Mr. Christopher Richard, Juanita High School; Mrs. Natalie Fuente, Kirkland Middle School; and Mr. Thomas Baugh, Rose Hill Middle School. They have been amazing this year trying to bring to all students the love for music, engaging us week after week online to keep loving and learning about music, and the fun of getting familiar with orchestra. I love all my music teachers for orchestra, they are always so kind and gentle and patient with all of us. Even though we do this via Teams, they always make it work and have a positive and understanding attitude with all of us. I think it's difficult to teach music, especially orchestra to a lot of kids even though they haven't even had the chance to meet us in person, but they always treat us like they do, and they are very encouraging and supportive to keep us connected with music. I play the violin and I love all the pieces we have been learning. Some kids are beginners and they also make it work for them, that's pretty amazing I think! I really hope they can get recognized and honored on your website, these three teachers work together to make a positive impact on many students, to bring joy and connect us even during this pandemic and I think that's more than deserving of honoring. I think all the students from all the different schools that join this orchestra music lessons will agree with me that our teachers always put their best effort and go beyond that to keep orchestra music live. Please consider honoring my three teachers, they truly deserve it. They are inspiring role models to me, they show me everything is possible and when you love something you can make it work not only for you but to inspire others. Thank you so much Kareli Dotson

Eliana Y Arias-Dotson

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