Student Nomination Story

My teacher has changed my life because every since the first day of school, I knew that she would be a fun teacher. Her happiness and personality has helped go through things like sadness, but reminding myself that she’s happy and has fun in our class makes want to go to school every day! She has put me in table with people that I didn’t know very well that have become my best friends!

Kloey Easter

My teacher is so nice. She has made me happy at times when I was upset.

J'zavious Allen

She had had a really big impact on my life by being so kind. She is the teacher that I always wanted. She always looks out for others and when you are not feeling your best she will cheer you up without telling her that you don’t feel the best because she can tell because she loves her students and family more than anything!!!

Reese Barney

Mrs. Chaisson has changed my life in so many ways for the better! She was my speech teacher last year and this year I was so lucky to have her again as my English and Language Arts teacher. She is very encouraging and makes everyone smile. She is very bubbly and is great to be around! Mrs. Chaisson is a very good teacher as well. She makes sure everyone is understanding the material before moving on to a new lesson. I always look forward to coming to her class and so do many of her students as well.

Emma Doyal

Ms. Chaisson has actually made school a pleasurable place to be for me. While she taught us the things we needed to know, she always had some way to make the learning fun. Even with little games! But at the same time I don't feel like i'm in kindergarten like how I feel when other teachers try this. Her class is the brightest part of my day. My bad moods always get better as soon as I see her smile.

Valerie Gongre

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