Student Nomination Story

Ms. Terrill is such an amazing teacher. Words can not describe how amazing she is. When I came to Assumption I did not like math class at all. Ms. Terrill always makes math class so much easier to understand and fun. She has math games for on the holidays which makes learning and comprehending math so much more entertaining. Ms. Terrill is not just a teacher she is also a role model. I look up to Ms. Terrill in so many ways. If anyone needs help she goes above and beyond to help them. She goes to school way earlier and stays way later if a student needs help. She also helps with extra curricular too. She volunteered to help coach the basketball team and the softball team. She took her own personal time to help. Ms. Terrill is the definition of a Good Samaritan. Without Ms. Terrill I would have no idea how to do crazy long Algebraic Equations. Ms. Terrill is so funny and shows that she cares for us. One day she brought us in donuts to show her appreciation for us. Ms. Terrill is such an amazing teacher and deserves so many thank-yous.

Kennedy Ritter

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