Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Pfeiffer By Hayden Teel, Grade 12 Study Hall at Arrowhead for seniors can get really boring sometimes, but Mrs. Pfeiffer knows how to keep it interesting. Mrs. Pfeiffer can have her days where she is a little grumpy but we all have those, and she is the most chill study hall/ lunch teacher at Arrowhead high school. First semester of this year I had 7/8b day and 9/10a day studyhalls with her. So that means she had me for 2 periods everyday. We got to know each other pretty well by just talking a little bit in each of those studyhalls. Mrs. Pfeiffer would always come to my tables and she would always always make a joke about us being the trouble makers of the hour but, we were just the most fun and entertaining table for her to talk to in the study hall. I would always go up to her when I first go to study hall and talk with her and ask how her day was. We would talk a little and then she would have to do attendance and check everyone in. Those little conversations we had each day were enough for her to begin to smile and say hi when we passed in the halls. Some days in study hall, we would have no homework or school work to do and she would let us join the gym class if they were in the gym that hour. That was always really fun when she would let us do that. She really never said no when we asked so that was always cool of her. If we did not join the gym class we were probably making a lot of noise in the lunchroom. Mrs. Pfeiffer was really good at keeping me out of trouble. Every time I was about to do something out of order in study hall she would be watching like a hawk and yell across the room for my friends and I to stop whatever we were about to do. It was these moments that really showed me she cared about my friends and I and she did not want us to get into trouble. I will always remember Mrs. Pfeiffer because of all the interactions we had at school, whether that was her yelling at me for being naughty or laughing because I was acting like a fool, or just talking about random things. Mrs. Pfeiffer will always be one of my favorite teachers from Arrowhead because she was always a fun teacher to be around.

hayden teel

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