Student Nomination Story

Coming out of prison I was not only rebuilding my life and day to day but I was rebuilding a foundation for and with my daughter at first I was worried that me and my child would not fit in, my daughter had missed over six months of school and at a result of that she didn’t know basic things that other kids in her class new and she felt it it made her get frustrated and she would just shut down as a result of it when I tell you some people are just created to teach creative to just motivate other people I’ve never had a village and every since my child has come in contact with this teacher Ms Dana I feel like I had that I mean she goes above and beyond I don’t have a car I was Uber ring my daughter to and from school my daughters teacher went out of her way to pick her up every morning and to take her to school and then on top of that the kids get a snack because Ms Dana feels that they the school doesn’t the school lunch that they provide she doesn’t feel like it carries some of the kids over she said that some of the kids that’s probably the only meal that they eat you know what I mean so she literally goes out of her way and uses money out of her own pocket to make sure that these kids have snack to make sure that they have books and supplies they do fundraisers help them raise funding for things because they don’t get funding from like the state and it’s not just with my child like literally she make sure you know what’s going on she texted you if your kids having a bad day I don’t know she’s just she’s freaking phenomenal I got offered a job that I was going to be gone for a while she literally help me find someone to watch my daughter so that I can go to this job like she’s far more than just a teacher she really is

Serenity Just

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