Student Nomination Story

As a military member with children it is gut wrenching when moving destinations and when a learning deficiency has been identified with your younge child that just entered the classroom. When we moved to MacDill, we tried to find the best school’s we could afford. Landing at Westchase has been a godsend, but we could have never imagined a teacher that would positively impact our lives like Ms. Monica Hyre. We thought the extra 2 miles she took to take care of our recently diagnosed dyslexic daughter was enough to request some kind of recognition. But, how she has structured online learning during the COVID-19 response has left me in awe. Daily recorded introductions, schedules, virtual tagups, etc were in place a week before we started the “homeschool”, which was also during the girl’s Spring Break. I would tase any of my troops for her, but she wouldn’t do it as her heart is engulfed with helping children. So I asked, how can I thank her for relieving so much stress on us and so many other families? That is why I reached out to you. Please, help me recognize someone whom goes so far and beyond without expecting anything.

Abigail McClure

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