Student Nomination Story

There are so many things that make Ms. Rose great and I’m not saying this just because she’s my mom. You see I was great where I was, had friends, and was at a school where I had friends in my neighborhood that went to my school. Then my mom took a job at a private school and I hated everything about it. I had no friends, I knew no one, and the school was 30 minutes from my house. My mom was the band director that year and talked me into joining the Colorguard where I found friends. That was my 7th grade year. My mom wasn’t only my mom she was also my teacher and mentor. She helped me realize change was good and even when we get thrown into a situation that’s uncomfortable you can make good friends while creating memories for a lifetime. Since the change I’ve been able to realize I’m not a dumb blonde and I can live up to all God has in store for me in my life. I have been on honor rolls, through Colorguard received honors and awards, in Beta, president of my class and our deca chapter. So many amazing things have happened since changing schools and if my mom was just a mom the good things would not have happened. My mom was my teacher last year and this is when I learned she wasn’t just a mom but an amazing teacher. While in her class she taught me about careers showing me that there’s more to life than just a retail job or even fast food. In addition, she introduced me to DECA where I became a member of the only Louisiana DECA chapter from a private school. She pushed me to compete in all DECA offers and it showed me I wanted to major in international business in college. That push took me to the international career conference last year and I plan to return this year. I’m excited because if I had gone to any other private school I would not have this opportunity. The opportunities I’m getting now are all because my mom changed to a private school. She’s an amazing person, teacher and now admin too. I have everything I have now because of change. Ms. Rose showed me I have a future after high school and can do anything I set my mind too. My future is looking bright with possible scholarships through DECA and that I have a lifetime mentor teacher because of s change to a new school. All thanks to my mom my teacher.

Annmarie Brumley

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