Student Nomination Story

Mr. Neronde helped our son in many ways through the transition to middle school. Not only has he helped Anthony maintain his love for math; he has supported Anthony and many other kids by facilitating the “Card Club” on campus. During a year full of transition and uncertainty, as a sixth grader new to middle school, and as the first full year back after covid, Anthony and his classmates seemed to be facing an uphill battle when it came to having a smooth transition. Thanks to Mr. Neronde and many of the sixth grade faculty at New Brighton, my son has been able to continue to foster his love of learning, particularly in math, as well as to find his ground socially. I appreciate that Mr. Neronde had his classroom door open, so to speak, to allow the kids space to form bonds and friendships. Mr. Neronde is an excellent role model for the kids. The teamwork and relationships among the teachers at New Brighton Middle School is so refreshing and relieving to know that there is so much support for our kids during these times of uncertainty.

Anthony Zappacosta

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