Student Nomination Story

My dance teacher has taught me so much about the world of performing arts. She inspired me to learn about dances around the world. I was so excited when we went to our field trip to Music Center to see Che Malambo, it inspired me to continue to study about dance and performing arts.

Gabriela N Rubio

My dance teacher has changed my life because I saw dance in a whole different way. Also it takes practice and determination.

Orlando Martinez

My teacher made me feel inspirational because she let me be who I am. She also let me be wild and made me believe that I can reach my goals no matter what.

Jasmin Alviar

My teacher makes me feel comfortable. She is creative and fun. She taught me to be free as a dancer and a person. She said dance is an art and a sense of community. Ms. Wohlgemuth is a great teacher and I enjoy her class.

Patrick Lima

My teacher inspired me to be a great dancer and to not be afraid. We call her Ms. Woods. She helped us set up a Christmas dance for the holidays. We got bells and we also got to make shirts. Every time our class was with her I got pumped up.

Jazz Pizarro

She always encourages me to always move forward and to try my best even when I'm giving up on myself. She pushes me to overcome my fears and limits.

Jacob Carias

She has showed me how dance can help you express your feelings.

Gerardo Ruiz Gomez

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