Student Nomination Story

Ms. Montieth has helped my son Jackson in more ways than I can explain. He came to her after moving for the 4th time in his life due to the military. Before we moved to Virginia he only did half days at school 4-5 days a week. The other half of the day he was at ABA therapy for Autism. His test scores were atrocious and his grades weren’t much better. He had never passed a state test, he didn’t do homework or much classwork either. He was pretty uncontrollable. She took the time to sit with him, to explain why things were a certain way, to give home multiple strategies to solve problems on his own, she could see when he needed a break, a hug, or for her to put her foot down and make sure he was doing what he needed to be. She helped him make friends, feel normal and most of all made him feel like he was a part of the class. Just one of the kids. He excelled under her teaching. She text messaged me daily with how he was doing and what was working or not. She answered my texts as soon as she could and never made either of us feel like we were a bother. She truly made an impact on my son and our whole family. When Jackson graduated from 5th grade he passed all of his state tests and had a passing grade in all subjects. She just wouldn’t let him quit or think he was incapable.

Jackson Doss

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