Student Nomination Story

My son, Baravi, was so fortunate to have been assigned to Mrs. Maxwell this year for 3rd grade and I simply cannot put into words the difference she has made in his education at such a young age. She was so clearly able to recognize what he needed and how to get him there and she wasted no time in helping him along. I feel like her own qualifications and experience are a big part of why she is so proficient but also it’s her natural ability as an educator and caretaker. I believe Mrs. Maxwell has a true ability as a very competent woman who would succeed in so many areas if she was given the responsibility but she has landed herself as a top educator from many years of dedication with a Masters degree of some kind in reading education and many years as a reading tutor and teacher and so much more that I cannot even accurately list as I do not know all of her years of experience as a teacher. I have no doubt in my mind that we are one of hundreds of lives that she has changed and I just hope that she can be recognized for her silent and diligent hard work. I am convinced that if I did some digging, I would find out just how many lives she has changed. Her concern for the children in her care is quite serious but in the most calm and uplifting way. What she has given Baravi this year would have taken several years for him otherwise. What she made me aware of this year was so concise and direct and she has saved him so much heartache as we all understand better what he needs going forward. It is very hard to put into words how well she is doing with all of the children that she encounters in her life. I suppose the scores speak for themselves as well as their happiness and pride in themselves. I know that my son alone was brought up nearly two grade levels in one short year after the trying time during the pandemic, these teachers had their plates full to try and replace what so many children lost during that time. Baravi would not have been promoted into the next grade level without Mrs. Maxwell's diligent concern and action. Many times she explained to me what goals we must reach and why in order to promote Baravi to the next grade level. All along she knew it was a great task for him as his jump in scores would have to be enormous but she didn't doubt him and somehow she made him reach those goals all the while keeping every option available open to him. I have two children who have both attended school since age 3 and although they are still young I feel that in our 9 years of school experience, we have never encountered such a quality individual as Mrs. Maxwell. I think she is so incredibly capable and I am forever grateful for our time with her and this is not even mentioning what a kind human being she is and how loving and understanding she has been with my son. My son has also said many times, she is just the best teacher we have ever known and realizes just how smart he is after learning from her. She has also connected with him on a personal level and engaged him in his main interests and some that they share concerning the outdoors, nature, biking and fishing. He thinks she is really special because they share those interest but what I find special is that she recognizes how unique and vast his knowledge in these areas as she is promotes this type of learning outside of school. She took the time to bring in special speakers on important topics this year and got them outside to plant. She carefully considered all of his anaphylactic food allergies every time it was needed and I never felt that my son wasn't being looked after in the best possible way. Every meeting and email to and from Mrs. Maxwell was answered with lengthy and accurate descriptions of what my son needed to move forward. I was supplementing him at the beginning of the school year and within weeks of when I stopped she noticed the difference in him and immediately reached out to resolve his decline when I could no longer afford to supplement him with a private tutor. She has continually been aware of his growth and decline at all times and keeps a sharp eye on every kid. I do believe she puts these students long before herself. She has held certain standards in her classroom that are so perfectly applicable to the kids abilities and grade level. The amount of work she gives them just seems to be the perfect amount as if she knows exactly how far to encourage a child until it becomes too much. She is so in touch with their educational needs and keeps a close eye on how they are paying attention and testing and if they are rested and focused. It's almost as if her mind has this outstanding ability to calculate and weigh children in a way that is most unusual and impressive. She always has a pulse on them and in more ways than most parents ever will. She is very routine structured but she will adapt that routine if she sees boredom in the children. She takes the time to reach out when she notices regular behaviors that the child is struggling with and routines that they are still adjusting to. She also takes the time to reach out when the child had a great day so it can also be recognized. She is so in tune with my son that she noticed that it was not his focus that was a setback but rather is transition time that was setting him back at one point. That is very specific information and she elaborates when needed. Mrs. Maxwell ensured that my son had a proper EP in place and also made certain the he was appropriately placed into supplemental reading all the while helping me to understand better what was needed at home. I appreciate her brilliance and this natural ability and wish for it to be recognized as she could easily not tap in to it as it doesn't go without a lot of effort on her part. My son's supplemental reading teacher, Mrs. Kluthe, has also played a big role in Baravi’s growth this year and I cannot say enough about what this school has given to us this year. I am beyond appreciative of JC Mitchell and all of the Staff since day 1 including the Principal and Vice Principle, the nurse, and the office staff. I have yet to have had one complaint this entire year. The ease of communication has been beyond helpful since the first phone call I made to register my children and make the big decision to switch schools this past year. I’m sure a lot of this stems for having great leadership at the top and we value every bit of how it trickles down. I'm sad to see this school year come to an end because I would keep Baravi with Mrs. Maxwell for a decade if I could but take comfort in knowing that she has completely redirected him on the right path. Thank you for taking the time and consideration and I do appreciate the lives that you are positively affecting as you provide this option for parents and students to recognize such great teachers. With Kind Regards, Anna Inghram

Baravi Tuxson

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