Student Nomination Story

Our daughter returned from her first day of second grade and declared that this was the best day ever! The reason is because of her second grade teacher, Mrs. Chee-How. Noelle is an only child, caring, sensitive, bright and innocent. Previous teachers have always commented on Noelle’s intelligence and her ability to complete assignments. Because of her academic performance she has been isolated to receive separate instruction at a higher level. Noelle is also at times the youngest student in class. So ensuring she is able to meet her social milestones have been an area of concern for us. We have been told by a previous teacher that she is too mature and too quiet. Noelle became a shy, hesitant, student that lacked confidence. It was heartbreaking watching our outgoing child retreat from all attention and become self aware of how she may be perceived as different. Mrs. Chee-How, has been the reason we are able to witness Noelle becoming more outgoing. We were terrified that during the Covid 19 pandemic that Noelle would return to pre Chee- How days, but being able to see her teacher and friends she blossomed. Noelle has said for the past year that Mrs. Chee How is the best and she will always be her teacher. Mrs. Chee How has provided a non judgmental, loving and safe experience for Noelle that she will carry with her in life.

Noelle Dillon

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