Student Nomination Story

On the first day of school, I had two teachers tell me and I quote, "You will fail my tests and fail my class." The teachers found joy in watching students fail. Those teachers already laid out vigorous work and study material. Material that instead of being taught, was relied on the student to self-teach. No real instructions was ever given. Mrs. Bruno on the other hand, started out on day one, explaining what it truly meant to be a human person. She started with and inspirational video and talk that inspired me to achieve and aspire in her class. She is the first teacher that has ever made me actually interested and ready to learn. Those other teachers could not care less about the well being and ideas of my fellow students. Mrs. Bruno only cared about her student; not common core and forcing "facts" down our throats. She actually wants her students to learn something we will actually use in our day to day lives. She not only educated our minds, but our souls. Mrs. Bruno wanted students to be exposed in slow ways to platonic ideas that are very important for our future careers. Mrs. Bruno cared about the kids who the other teachers would think were a waste of time. The student who came in during the first months of school with earbuds in, hoodie on, and openly insulting her to her face and behind her back. Throughout the year, her kindness and love radiated through them. By the end of the year, those kids would walk in with smiles on their faces and would always say "Hi Mrs. Bruno," something that no other teacher could ever imagine that student would ever act like. By the end of the year, when Mrs. Bruno would ask a question, every students hand would be up to answer, because everyone was actually interested in the lesson. This is something no other teacher can achieve. This is because Mrs. Bruno taught lessons we were actually interested in, not just something we are told to be interested in. Mrs. Bruno is a teacher that would lay her life and career on the line, for the sake of her students. She is the most selfless and flawless role model I have ever met. She fights for students, not against us. She fights for books that can provide deep meanings and history that have previously been rejected by administration. With her deep academic career with degrees in multiple subjects, Mrs. Bruno humbles herself to an 11th grade classroom. Where any other person, with the degrees she has, could make triple the amount Mrs. Bruno does in a year, Mrs. Bruno does something she is so passionate about. She wants her student to succeed. Mrs. Bruno is the first teacher I have ever had that has actually been interested in and encourages my college career plans. In my school district, everyone wants you to choose a STEM related major or career. I do not want that. I plan on double majoring in theology and education. This is partially because that is what I am called to do, and partially on the fact that those are two degrees Mrs. Bruno has. In my life, I hope to be half the teacher that Mrs. Bruno is. This school year I taught a 6th grade religion class at my local church. During the class, instead of just spitting out facts and telling the kids what to think, I took a page out of Mrs. Bruno's book. I listened to the kids, and I would challenge them to think deeper and find hidden meanings. I would watch them discover new ideas and debate among themselves. This style of teaching is what Mrs. Bruno does best. She lets the students believe she is in charge, when all she is doing is setting the class up and watching us evolve into better functioning human beings. Mrs. Bruno is a teacher that I will never forget, and I know that many of my fellow classmates will never forget as well. She is the type of teacher you would want your kids to have. She is the teacher that I wish every teach could just watch and maybe implement her style into their own class. I will forever miss her classroom but thank God I was able to be a part of it.

Ryan Bauer

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