Student Nomination Story

Since my first day at Arrowhead High School, I heard stories about Mr. Hall from my older sister but I had never been able to put a face to the stories. That was about to change because I was scheduled to have him for biology sophomore year. On the first day of the semester, I was sitting in Mr. Hall’s classroom with my friends talking about our previous semester. I had heard of Mr. Hall’s morning rituals but had never experienced them. When I say I heard, I could literally hear him yelling down the hall. The bell rang and “GOOD MORNING!” erupted from the doorway. I nearly jumped out of my seat as I whipped around to look. I saw a figure standing, staring at us and I knew the semester was going to be an adventure. Throughout the semester I learned Mr. Hall was a fan of the sciences, after all, he graduated with a B.S. from UW Stevens Point. I remember wanting to go to his class, unlike my freshman year science class. He is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have ever had, whether it was about the sciences or about the human body. Having Mr. Hall for two classes made me appreciate him even more. He has a love for the sciences and for teaching I have never seen in any other teacher. He wants all of his students to succeed so he does whatever he can to help. If a student had a question, he would do his best to explain the answer in a way that was easy to understand. He would only explain it once but that was all we needed. I chose to take anatomy junior year not only because I am interested in the human body but also because I wanted to have Mr. Hall as my teacher again. When I walked into his classroom on the first day of class, he said, “Hi, Mr. Hill.” Though that may seem like a small gesture, it made my day. That first day set the tone for the rest of the semester not only for me but also for my peers. He treated every one of his students with the same respect and professionalism. He has a quick and witty humor that is hard not to laugh with. He would often poke fun at students for little things like a Packers jacket (he is a Vikings fan). He made it his mission to make his students better students, people, and young adults every day in his class. Mr. Hall is and will always be one of my favorite teachers because of the way he is able to connect with each of his students. I want to instill some of his qualities into myself. I want to be enthusiastic, passionate, and a good mentor, just like he was to me and my peers. Thank you, Mr. Hall, for making my sophomore and junior years a blast. I hope to see you in the halls as a senior. Keep brightening lives one day at a time. Thank you!

Dalton Hill

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