Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Watkins is the most compassionate, loving and caring teacher I have ever come across. Cayden tells me all the time how Mrs. Watkins tells him how his pictures are her favorite or how she tells him how proud of him she is. Cayden struggles in some subjects and needs a little bit of extra attention. She never takes this as a burden. For example, she recently asked me about coping skills. I was clueless. She had an answer and jumped right in and did it the very next day. Everyday she encourages Cayden and I see him grow now and now confident each day because of it. He had even become more communicative when it comes to expressing himself. This is something she has taken time out of her busy day, with 22 students, to do. I honestly don't think Cayden would be where he is academically or have the confidence he had gained if it weren't for Mrs. Watkins. I know teachers can go unnoticed, so I hope this one teacher knows how noticed she is by this nomination.

Cayden McQuigg

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