Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Thomas is a very great teacher. Mrs. Thomas has helped me through really, really, really hard academic math times. Mrs. Thomas has shown me what life is really about. Mrs. Thomas has shown many students in the 8th grade that you can do anything in the world as long as you put your mind to it. Mrs. Thomas , is also a great hall leader for the 8th grade teachers, students, and Berrien Middle School 8th grade staff members. Mrs.Thomas gives you her rules, and expects you to follow them without any doubt. Mrs. Thomas will give you many chances to get yourself together even though she, or, anyone else in Berrien Middle School know that you are wrong. I really look up to Mrs.Thomas as my leader, motivator, and inspiration. Mrs. Thomas really deserves the world, and whatever blessing god has to bring her in this beautiful world.

Lawrence Mckever

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