Student Nomination Story

Mrs. McHugh is so much more than a teacher! She’s a stand-in mommy, she’s a cheerleader, she’s an entertainer, she’s a therapist, and one could even argue that she’s a clergyman! After all, who can raise children without a few good prayers? My child is not a child who has required any “extra” assistance in any way. He’s a good kid (minus his incessant chair rocking lol) with good grades. I imagine Mrs. McHugh could spend less time with him and more time with a child who requires it. That’s not who she is though. Each and every one of her students feels like a star. They laugh, dance, and literally sing their way through their lessons. Third grade can be such a miserable time. It’s when the curriculum gets harder and the homework load gets heavier. Mrs. McHugh digs right into those lessons with the carefree spirit of a kindergartner. My little guy comes home with his little head buzzing. Just a few days ago he was telling me how he wanted to replicate a science experiment involving two stacks of books, some paper, and a pile of pennies. He had an idea of how he could make the paper “even stronger”. He still sings his multiplication master songs even though he tested out of the lesson long ago. He dances to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and laughs about how loud the class could sing all of the lyrics. THIS is teaching! Mrs. McHugh is that teacher that you hear about. The one whose previous students bring their children to meet bc they’ve never forgotten her. In our scary world today, I only feel confident putting my boy on the bus in the morning because I know that she is there to love him and protect him too.

Harrison Farrell

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