Student Nomination Story

Dr. Melissa Collins has been a significant person in my life as a teacher at John P. Freeman School in Memphis, Tennessee. She helped me to grow academically by teaching different subjects in interesting ways, which motivated me to want to learn more. She helped me to focus and showed me how to study so that I could remember what I learned. She inspired me to explore new interests with STEM through innovative experiments. I also learned about historical Americans who changed the lives of people through inventions, and I presented a PowerPoint presentation to share what I learned. Dr. Collins gave the class an assignment for a national writing contest about Rosa Parks. I won first place for my elementary school and was honored at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Collins came to the award ceremony, which meant a lot to me. I was inspired to use my essay to publish a children's book. Dr. Collins is an outstanding teacher who has changed my life and the lives of countless students at John P. Freeman.

Isaiah Watkins

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