Student Nomination Story

Megan Turner is a phenomenal special education teacher who believes in each of her students. Her support goes beyond classroom walls and she strives to help her students transition into the adult world. Personally, Megan taught me a lot about how to advocate for myself and how to be positive. She showed me the skill of knitting in a lesson in our life skills class. I eventually turned this skill into a small business. I am a young entrepreneur now, in college, graduating in 2020. Megan believed in me and along with my family, they teamed up to be the strongest support system for me. As a young adult with a learning disability, this is the greatest blessing for me to successfully transition into adulthood with a plan. Megan's support has traveled far beyond my high school graduation and I feel very lucky to have had a teacher that cared so much. I can only hope more students are as lucky and blessed as I have been to work alongside an amazing teacher. I want to honor her with my words and hope she has an opportunity to be recognized for her continuous efforts as a teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Turner!

Victoria Delagarza

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