Student Nomination Story

My daughter has struggled for years now navigating the world of making friends, navigating her emotions and finding motivation in herself to know she can accomplish so much. Megan Cleary Hill is the first educator in the last 4 years I’ve spent watching my daughter in the public s hook system who finally sees my daughter for the kind overly emotional little human she is. This entire year she has overflowed nothing but compassion for my daughters struggles. I’ve not had to defend my daughter as being someone who isn’t just a “bad seed” but someone who is lacking those skills and is struggling in her own right. Megan Cleary Hill is the first educator to ask me if my daughter is seeing a counselor, the first to show my daughter and I actual empathy and compassion. No mother ever wants to see their child struggle, and no parent who has a child struggling wants to also have to defend them while also trying to encourage positive behaviors in the school system. I know no one can stay in 3rd grade forever, and I know Megan is someone who will be sorely missed when we transition to 4th grade as a child struggling with emotional regulation. Teachers do so much more than teach their students. I look back at what I’ve wrote here and I can say there is no one I feel deserves this nomination in my short stint as a mother to a student. If you see this Mrs. Cleary, and I hope you do, you truly deserve all the thanks in the world (and to be paid way more too) for your compassion. We are teaching little humans, and I am so grateful to know that you see your students as the tiny humans they are.

Chelsa Karels

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