Student Nomination Story

Words can not describe the way a Teacher is able to impact your life! However, in this statement I will try my best to find the words that best describe an inspirational teacher! Meah King is the epitome of a teacher that equips and inspires her students towards a brighter future. I started at East High School in the 9th grade and I was labeled the different Kid! I was just not like the other children physically and mentally! Ms. King must have specialized in speaking “Geek” and “Nerd” because once we meet, it was like an instant connection! She was a teacher on a level beyond that of her peers! She loved her job and it showed through her teaching methods and optimistic attitude. She inspired a shy, outcast like myself to open up and learn to love learning! I can say without a doubt that my life was impacted in a great way by the phenomenal Ms. King.

Joseph Perry

This woman has taught me how to become a responsible individual and to strive for greatness!

Chris Wade

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