Student Nomination Story

My teacher Mr. Wicke has helped me through a great deal. He teaches band at St. Charles High School. I play the clarinet in his concert band and I love it. He has inspired me to pursue things that I never thought to be possible. I can't believe that of all the schools and all the bands I was lucky enough to have him as my director. The things that stick out the most when I think about how he has helped me is that he has always pushed me a step further, he always is willing to help, when I am sad he knows how to help, and he has never given up on anyone. When I started jazz band he asked me to play the bass and even though I wasn't great at first, he was able to guide me in the right direction and I was able to perform for a bunch of people on a totally different instrument. Along with that, he also helped me when my clarinet cracked. It seemed hopeless and I was very upset but he was able to help me through it and now my clarinet is as great as ever. It seems that whenever I need to talk or need to hear a joke he is always the first person I think to talk to. If anyone deserves to be recognized for being a fantastic teacher, it is him, because he has never failed to help another, even if it isn't easy. He has helped everyone in St. Charles either personally, academically, or inspirationally. I'm just lucky enough that I got close enough to him to have him impact me in all ways. Mr. Wicke is great!!!

Braeden Milbrandt

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