Student Nomination Story

My name is Carmen, I am 17 years old. School was terrifying, I had moved to a different state to live with my Dad and I was terrified of going to a bigger school with more students. Before I met him, it was hard to be myself at any school I had been. But on the first day of school it was terrifying until I got to his class. He immediately kinda put me at ease, he made me feel not so terrified. Mr. Savage is special because he makes learning fun. And most of my teachers are good teachers but the class is boring and it makes it hard to focus. Mr. Savage made me feel like I can be myself. He is hilarious at one point he had said to us "Today we will be singing." So it was hilarious as we all sang. In multiple occasions I had felt bad that day, or I was upset about something and I walk into that classroom he would always manage to cheer me up. I am grateful to have my teacher because I found myself. Now school is more enjoyable, I have fun, learn as much as possible, and I look forward to going to school. I started thinking about becoming a teacher, not a regular teacher but a Culinary Teacher, now that I have had an example with how teachers can change your life it seems more interesting.

Carmen Canales

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