Student Nomination Story

The thoughtfulness and kindness of this man is matched by no other. Not once in my four years of being at that school did anyone have a single bad thing to say about him, and not once did he say a bad thing about anyone else. He never got angry at students because he always took the time to consider what they might be going through. Besides his warm heart he is a brilliant writer, weaving together complex sentences with the ease of tying a shoe. His poetry was written with radiance and sincerity, yet all of his writing remains unpublished. Without Mr. Buchanan I am honestly not sure if I would have graduated high school. He has had a bigger impact on my life than any other teacher has in the past. He has shown me what true kindness is; the ability to help those without knowing or asking why they need help in the first place. He is never in the spotlight and never gets any sort of recognition, but he's not trying to - teaching and inspiring students on a daily basis is enough for him. I want him to know how much I appreciate him because I don't think I ever told him. That's why I nominated him. I truly believe that he deserves much more than the world itself.

Angelina Billys

My teacher has changed my life by teaching me how to think and translate my thoughts into good writing and has helped me evolve in English literature class. We ready classic books and have reacted to them in creative ways. We also explore themes from ancient times and always discuss.

Alex Olsen

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