Student Nomination Story

Mary Clare Piatak teaches on the fourth floor of Bishop McCort Catholic High School, but you can hear her infectious laugh and shrieks of educational delight echoing through the halls no matter where you are in the building. Taking cues from her beloved Oprah, Piatak insists that her students dream on a grand scale. While many adults encouraged me to set more "realistic" goals, Piatak was a fierce advocate for the philosophy that nothing is out of reach. In the local community, she spearheads blood drives for the American Red Cross and volunteers with numerous organizations to advance and revitalize Johnstown. While achieving all of this, she still manages to be available to students whenever needed. Advancing her mentees both inside and outside the classroom is Piatak’s first priority. She remembers the French nicknames of every student she has taught and stays in touch with her charges as they build fulfilling lives. Mary Clare Piatak is the best teacher I've ever had and so much more. She is family. She helped shape my core values and continues to inspire me. She is a selfless blessing to all those lucky enough to know her, and I am filled with endless gratitude for all that she does. No one is more deserving of recognition.

Chad King

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