Student Nomination Story

To be honest I never liked History because I got confused with facts and dates. That was until I meet my AP World History teacher, Martin Lopez. He is the definition of a teacher: devoted to his students, to his class, and to making of us not only good students, but also good citizens. He showed the difference between teaching and just talking about the topic. I think it was because he wanted us to be the best version of ourselves. And at the end he actually did. My classmates and I improved our grades because of his dedication to teaching us every single detail, because of the tips he gave us, and because of his devotion for his students. But, having a such a great History teacher didn't lasted. At approx. 3/4 of the school year he had to left us because of a conflict with someone in the staff. He said he was sorry for breaking his promise of staying with us until the end. I remember everyone cried the day he had to go. He was the best teacher ever, and we were losing him. In a certain way, he stayed with us by leaving lessons and work for the rest of the year. He wanted us to succeed in the AP exam. For this reason, he deserves to win this nomination and even more. He is the best teacher that IDEA Riverview could ever have.

Ingrid Perez

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