Student Nomination Story

Mr. Payton is a very flexible and helpful teacher for learning that is reflective in his commendable achievement data. Mr. Payton is always researching and employing instructional methods that will intrigue and inspire his scholars. Mr. Payton is a beloved stakeholder. He productively supports and collaborates with his colleagues offering sound advice that will undoubtedly transform instruction and support. Mr. Payton is also in tune with families. He is proactive in gathering data, work samples, and evidence of participation during instruction to share during conferences and meetings. Mr. Payton takes the time out to build a sense of community in his learning environment. He establishes norms and routines that are evident whether he is present or not. Ms. Cross is soft-spoken and nurturing. His scholars are redirected silently with a purposeful glance at times. Mr.Payton scholars love him because he acknowledges their individuality and purposefully addresses their needs. Mr. Payton is transparent with his students because he builds good relationships, which makes good structure because he has good classroom management.

Leah S.

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