Student Nomination Story

Coach Bravo is a great man, he coaches our school wrestling team and is the assistant coach for our after school weights program. He is easily one of the best if not the best teacher I've ever had. Not only is he fun and energetic, he is also a great teacher in general. He has helped every student he's ever had learn about world history, and he makes sure that they remember what they've learned. He's also a personal inspiration for me and he has helped me grow as a person. At the beginning of every class he tells us to say 3 things we are grateful for. He has shown me no matter what gets you down their is more to bring you back up. Just today he told us a story of what happened while he was getting his activity bus driver license. While going down the road he and his instructor found a middle aged lady, she appeared to be intoxicated and was acting very strangely. He kept his eye on her and asked his instructor if they should worry. The instructor said yes and they slowed the bus which Coach Bravo was testing in and watched as the lady started to look over the edge of the railing and started to climb over. Immediately Coach Bravo stopped the bus and he and his instructor got out and stopped the lady from jumping over. He held her there keeping her safe until the police arrived to take her away.

Danyal Chowdhury

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