Student Nomination Story

Mr. Johnson is our teacher this year and he has been teaching for 31 years. My Aunt Jen had him! He is one of the best teachers you can get and he always does presentations with us! He has a ton of fun science experiments for us to do and helps us do a lot of things! He gives us his time just to pick something up for us that we need for school! He came to school early just to help me make a phone call one day! He pushes us to do our best in everything we do! Mr. Johnson makes us be organized and makes us do our personal best! He has us do it over if we turn something in and we get a bad grade. He is not strict at all and he gives us more chances than we should get. He always tells us funny stories about things he has done and he lives on a farm. He is the best teacher we have ever had out of the other ones (which is over 9.) I really think he should be selected as the honoree and he really inspires us to do our best and stretch our limits of what we can do!

Grace Them, Hayden Sexton, and Hattie Yugovich

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