Student Nomination Story

I've never met a teacher with such a big heart for her students and education. Ms. Ferry taught my son virtually during the pandemic last year and is now my daughter teacher this year. During these 2 years, she has gone above and beyond to love, support and teach my children. During virtual teaching last year, she ensured to take out extra time during and even after school hours to ensure my son and other students were learning and keeping up with lessons. She even supported me since my husband and I decided to host a learning pod for those families that would have a hard time teaching their children at home. When things were overwhelming for my son, she extended immense grace and support to ensure his mental health was a priority. During this past year, my daughter has loved being her student. When my daughter got COVID and was quarantined at home, she emailed me the daily assignments and made sure I understood the assignments. It was hard on my daughter missing school so she scheduled virtual sessions with my daughter after school hours to teach her and do reading with her so she didn't feel left out or behind. Ms. Ferry extends such love, compassion and ensures every child regardless of race, creed or gender feels loved, seen and valued. With the most recent tragedy in Texas, she emailed the parents expressing how much she loved our children and would do anything for them. Ms. Ferry's heart for teaching and loving our children is a dream come true in an educator. She is able to manage the classroom with respect and kindness and encourages all the students to extend the same amongst themselves. I know I speak for all the parents in our classroom in expressing how much we appreciate Ms. Ferry. She is truly an amazing educator.

Camila Fletcher

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