Student Nomination Story

I am writing to nominate Mrs. Marion Fox, my daughter Camryn's Kindergarten teacher. My daughter began her schooling at Two Rivers Public Charter School as Pre-K student. Pretty early on, she began experiencing extreme anxiety and severe behavioral problems. During the early months of her Kindergarten year, things became so troublesome that I started to believe that she biologically could not function "normally" in a general education setting, and I was preparing to enroll her in a special education school. A week before I started the enrollment process at the special education school, two of my colleagues suggested that I visit Payne Elementary and enroll her there for a change in environment. I thank God that I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been so overjoyed since Camryn started at Payne! Mrs. Fox is absolutely wonderful! She has helped my baby transform from an anxiety filled child who would have insane outbursts to a confident, happy, and courageous girl in such a short period of time! My daughter is excited about going to school EVERYDAY and she is excited to see her teacher and her friends and to be apart of her class. She spent about 75% of the time out of class at Two Rivers, and it affected her academically. She is now reading books and letting me know about the things she learns everyday! She's excited to do homework! She's excited to show her smarts! I tell Mrs. Fox all of the time that I am so happy that I transferred Camryn and that she landed in her class. I am tearing up as I type this because I am just so happy to have the peace of mind that my baby is not suffering everyday anymore. I am so grateful and thankful that Mrs. Fox and the Payne community has been placed in our lives. My gratitude for Mrs. Fox will last for the rest of my life because my daughter's life has been changed and her future "education life" has been forever altered in the best way ever. My daughter absolutely loves Mrs. Fox and I hope that one day she realizes how much of a blessing it has been that we crossed paths with her.

Camryn Nibblett

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