Student Nomination Story

Ms. Norland has changed me in numerous ways. She has made me a braver person, because she's very brave. Ms Norland has a lot of challenges in her life, and she's always positive throughout everything that comes at her. She has run in the Boston Marathon and many other marathons. We've connected with each other throughout 2 years. Last year one of our students passed away and I was super emotional. Ms Norland was one of the only people I could go to, and she always gave me a shoulder to cry on, no matter what. She's helped me realize how hard teaching is, because every day last semester I helped her prepare lessons for the future. I had her for the final class of the day and I realized how she feels after a day of school, because sometimes she was hurting, not feeling well, worn down, and sometimes she was even crying. She's reminded me how difficult some classes are, one day I went in her room and had a couple bags full of balloons for her since it was her dogs birthday and she just put her arm around me and bawled her eyes out. She's such a wonderful teacher, although she is, she always disagrees because she thinks she's not a good teacher. She's always been there to give me hugs and to motivate me to keep going, one day I was crying because I was stressed and upset so she sat me down and told me to talk about what was going on. After I'd told her she kept building me up and giving me advice about what I should do which caused me to feel a lot better. Another time that she had motivated me was when I went in and gave her a hug and she gave me a pep talk and told me that everything would be alright. Ms Norland is not only a teacher but she's a mother and I love her so much, no matter what we go through she's always there. And she's always there for all her students and fellow teachers.

Jessica Loghry

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