Student Nomination Story

The teacher that I would like to honor is Mr. Marc Kimmerly of Odessa-Montour Junior/Senior High School in Odessa, New York. This award would be a lovely way to acknowledge his great character. Mr. Kimmerly teaches 7th and 8th grade Social Studies as well as some senior high History courses. He is a stellar example for his students and has that magical ability to impart his History expertise, while maintaining our interest and attention, which is refreshing and impactful. As a result, "Mr. K." is extremely well liked among students. He is knowledgeable and engaging, but, always manages to take an active interest in the current and future success of his students. He pays close attention to their respective strengths and then takes the extra time to highlight and foster those talents. Apart from his efforts in the classroom, he is active in extracurricular activities, such as coaching baseball, participating in his own personal outdoor pursuits, and he fills in for other coaches when there is need. I feel beyond fortunate to have a teacher of his caliber in my world. After being homeschooled for my 5th and 6th grade years, I was naturally anxious, upon returning to public school, but Mr. K. put me completely at ease. He was unbelievably welcoming to me and so supportive and sensitive to my circumstances. It feels like he is pulling me out of my shell, which is really adding to my confidence. He even nominated me for a very prestigious leadership program, which I have since accepted, being held in Washington D.C. in the summer of 2018! These are just a couple of the ways he is shaping my personal future, and I am just one of hundreds of his students. It is obvious to me that he cares about more than just the proficiency of his students. In my opinion, Mr. Kimmerly is an exceptional educator who means to leave an imprint on his students. It is a pleasure to know him as a teacher and I absolutely aspire to be like him someday. He is a selfless, thoughtful man, and his kindness is without measure. So, kindly consider him for this award...recognizing him this way would bring me great pride.

Gabriel Grover

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