Student Nomination Story

My teacher has changed my life with how inspirational and how much support she has for us. No matter what, she's gonna be there to talk to and you'll be the only kid in the class with a low grade and she'll get you to a higher level just like the others. My teacher she believes in us, she will care for us, she will be with you my teacher changed my life how because she was there, she was on her two feet working every day. She made sure we weren't dumb, she made sure we were smart, intelligent, and awesome, and that we know what we're doing. We didn't tease her, we didn't mock her, we cared for her. She acted like we were her children and my teacher Mrs. Kaur is the best teacher a child would ever have. Thank you Mrs. Kaur for letting me believe in who I am and know that anything in the world is possible and that if you tried you could succeed if you wanted to.

Ladiedria Franklin

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