Student Nomination Story

For two years, Maddie Mullin has been nothing short of a God sent. Our son Andrew has had the good fortune of working with incredible professionals in his academic career, but Maddie and through her efforts, has taken him to a new level. At the age of 2, Andrew was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Apraxia. While he is verbal, this motor planning disorder prevents him from producing articulate speech. You can imagine the challenges that this could present for reading and writing. Most reading systems at the elementary age are phonetically based. With that being said, what Maddie Mullin has done with our son Andrew is nothing short of remarkable. She has figured out how to teach a child who has no phonetic ability to read. Andrew receives services beyond special education, and Maddie has worked diligently to include everyone at all times his individual education plan. She has researched, made countless phone calls and attended various conferences to unlock the code to educate Andrew. She is patient, kind and inclusive. She has also incorporated physical cues to ensure his learning has a multidimensional approach. She works with all of the classes at Tatem, but Andrew is fortunate to have her in the inclusive setting with his class particularly. She presents the material to him based on his needs and abilities. She cultivates learning to the child, not the other way around. She is involved in various other programs in and out of school as well. She is special and the world should know it! She has truly set my son on a solid ground for lifelong learning.

Andrew Esposito

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