Student Nomination Story

I don't even know where to start as a parent of a 6th grader last year that entered my child's first year of advanced math I was nervous about him playing 3 sports and keeping his grades up not only did he do that but he kept his grades up because his love of learning from Miss Connelly now we have entered into 7th grade this year same boat of 3 sports and advanced math with Miss Connelly she is a young dedicated amazing teacher she gives kids every opportunity to exceed and be themselves she is always on top of everything from keeping communication everyday in the remind app to just being a superior role model in every way she teaches advanced 6 and 7th grade math and also regular 7th grade math she makes the kids feel like they can do anything and be anything as long as they work hard but have fun doing it as a young teacher teaching this age I'm sure is very challenging but she truly is amazing and I feel like her records alone would speak for themselves

Jeremy Barger

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