Student Nomination Story

Ms. Perelta was my son's 5th-grade teacher. She noticed my son was having a hard time with reading and was struggling more than a normal child would. My son was very far behind his grade level. He has always been behind but meetings with passed teachers never helped. They would just pass him along with hopes of telling me he will someday catch up. Well, Ms. Perelta wasn't just going to pass him along knowing that there was a problem. She did her homework, wrote a note, checked my son's work, did tests and did all she had to do to finally get through the school system that my son had a problem. My son finally got tested through special services several times and now we have found out my son has dyslexia. Now, this school year my son has finally started working with special ed on his reading. We have set goals and addressed all his problems. This special services will follow him through middle school and high school. It finally took a real teacher, a real person to step up for my son and allow him to receive the help he has been needing and that I've been seeking this whole time. She just wasn't going to let him pass in hopes that he would catch up. He now is on a whole new learning level that he is starting to understand. Reading is becoming a part of his life in good ways instead of being a chore that all he wanted to do was ignore. And all because he was struggling so hard and couldn't understand what he was trying to do. Reading is something that will follow him wherever he goes for the rest of his life. He will always use reading in one way or another. Ms. Perelta gave my son a life-changing opportunity.

Eric Aguilar

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