Student Nomination Story

Throughout the whole school year our teacher constantly reminded us how important it was for us to pay attention and think things through. My teacher would always be present and also made surea we all understood each and every subject individually. One thing that made my teacher special was that she taught us all five subjects: math, reading, writing, science, and history. Not only did she teach us all five subjects, but she also taught us in both English and Spanish. Throughout my elementary school years I was in a dual language program, which meant they taught us half in English and half in Spanish. The way my teacher helped me support and achieve my goals was by preparing us with many fun and intellectual lessons that helped me get commended on all three State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness with very high grades. I am grateful for my teacher for making me realize that it is possible to achieve my goals, and that I have the ability to receive many high grades if I put my best effort forward and set goals in life. I now see that school is very important for me in order to become a successful person in life, and that nothing is impossible if I prepare and put my best effort into it.

Ashley Mejia

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