Student Nomination Story

My son came into 4th grade an anxious mess coming off an historic pandemic and the educational shifts it brought. Enter Mrs. Bozych, the exact teacher he needed during this phase of his life. She understands the challenges anxiety can bring and kindly and preemptively works with my son so he can reach his potential. She actively always has his (and all her students) best interest at heart. Mrs. Bozych is her students’ biggest cheerleader. It's amazing how she can tell you the strengths and weakness of every child in her class. She knows what motivates them and what triggers them and responds appropriately. She uses this knowledge to bring out the best in them and helps each student reach their potential. She is an amazing educator and makes herself too available to her students. She will respond at all hours if it means she can help her students. Where she finds this time being a mother herself is beyond me. Even though her class is large, she makes it a priority to hold phone check ins with the parents and emails parents regular updates (and proud moments). She is immensely aware she is a role model to these students and always acts with kindness and grace. Her communication, inclusiveness, innovative teaching strategies, sel awareness, and her unwavering support makes her an outstanding nominee of this award. It is an absolute honor to have Mrs. Bozych as our teacher.

Riley Pankey

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