Student Nomination Story

At the start of my Junior year I would wake up in the morning and get ready for a day of school. I would drive to school, trying to find a parking spot. Then I would go to the first hour where I would see Ms. Munkwitz, and she would have a smile on her face, and it would cheer me up. Ms. Munkwitz would assemble the class to get more energy and wake us up (because it was the first hour and everyone is still just waking up). She would have us do walk arounds where we would have to go to different desks. On the desk, there would be a question about the book, and we would have to answer it. Some days she would have us grab a notebook, and we would walk around the school looking for new ideas. She would say, “Your mind doesn't feel well when you are all caged up in the school. Your brain needs to be free so you can explore.” This was one of my favorite quotes from Ms. Munkwitz. I learned I need to use this in my everyday life so then I will be able to clear my head and take another shot at it. When we were assigned the final project on all the books we read throughout the year (Station 11, A Good and Happy Child, Mr Penumbra 24 Hour Bookstore, and The Family Fang) we had to find a topic for all the books. I was so confused and did not even know where to start. But I kept trying and trying, and I got no where. Then, I decided to go in for help during my study hall. I was so scared to walk into her office and show her I had nothing we had been working on for couple of days. As I walked into her office, she said, “Hello.” I began to tell her I have been trying so hard to find out how to do this, but I can't figure it out, and she replied, “relax. Let's throw this together, and we will work on it throughout the whole hour.” After going in for help from Ms. Munkwitz, I was never afraid to go back in there again. She was always happy to see that I was coming in if I didn’t understand something that was on the test or the homework for the night. Ms. Munkwitz would always tell kids if they need help to come in a see her about the homework so then we will be able to know what is going on in the class. I was always a little shy to go in, but she always knew how to cheer everyone up in the room. I will never forget my modern lit teacher, Ms. Munkwitz.

Kavan Sherman

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